Hey Gorgeous! You're probably wondering... what is this all about?


You've been invited to participate in the exclusive launch of our new membership & website.

This is not your typical "affiliate/ambassador marketing" program. Instead, we're presenting you with the chance to sign up as a Heart of Sun partner for our new membership service we will be launching.

The spots are limited, and participating will guarantee you a seat at our zoom seminar on January 29, 2023, at 7 PM (EST) with the Founder and Creative Director, Sophia Lima.

You will also receive a box with an official Heart of Sun Bikini, cover-up, accessories, & never before seen merch (worth $350+). 

Our partners will have the opportunity to convert their followers into passive income. 

Based on the data our analysts collected:

Using our proprietary marketing method, micro-influencers can easily make an average of $1,000-4,500+ /month & macro influencers can earn upwards of $25,000+ a month.

Spots are extremely limited
The program & participating in this seminar will contribute to: 
Heart of Sun Foundation
To reserve a seat & get your free products:

Still not quite getting it? 


You are NOT obligated to post.

You can make passive income off just 1 follower monthly. 

Not just one time, monthly! ✨

For example, for every 10,000 followers you have, you can make approximately $2,000. (That's if only 2% of them sign up!) 

Many brands offer these "ambassador and affiliate" programs that suck and don't generate passive revenue from a single follower. We do.

The project we are promoting is a $99/month box & your followers will receive a package containing a bikini, cover-up, and other cute accessories. (similar to Boxy Charm's concept).

As a partner, you receive this box for free!

In addition, you'll be receiving tons of merch monthly from us for free. 

It's different from the rest of the market, leaving room for influencers to actually make passive revenue and not be taken advantage of.

There's no contract or obligation on your end!

We also believe in transparency, so after the seminar, you will receive your login to your partner portal to track all your statistics (link clicks, conversions, and more)

Payouts to our partners will be via PayPal or Direct Deposit (you can choose).

We're excited to partner up and have you on the team <3



Notice: If you were not referred here by official contact through our social media channels, please DO NOT continue. Your application will be refunded and rejected.