You finally got your hands on one of our dreamy garments! Although they are made of superior imported fabrics, trims, and hardware. You want to know just how to keep it in tip-top shape. We recommend following our fabric care instructions with extra love to ensure you get the best life out of your Heart of Sun garment.
After use turn the swimsuit inside out to prevent damage to the outside
Immediately hand wash with cold water, using mild detergent. In order to get rid of saltwater, chlorine, or other chemicals it might have come in contact with
Lay your swimsuit flat or hang it to dry in the shade, which will prevent wrinkles


    What not to do:
    Do not iron
    Do not tumble dry
    Do not dry clean
    Do not leave rolled up wet
    Do not store when wet
    Avoid contact with rough surfaces as this may cause pilling of swimwear
    Some sunscreen lotions and tanning oils may mark or damage swimwear