Bella Hadid, is a muse, a voice for the unheard, & an inspiration to all millennials. Following in the footsteps of her successful parents, Yolanda Hadid, & Mohamed Hadid - she is redefining the fashion industry one day at a time. Our designer, Sophia Lima, told us “when designing one of the first things I think about is, would Bella wear this?”   

     Bella has made a big name for herself over the past ten years. 2016 was especially a big year for her. In 2016, Bella was voted “Model of the Year” by “Daily Front Row's Fashion Los Angeles Awards”. In June 2016. She also ranked among one of's Top Models. Since becoming a highlight in the fashion industry, she is continuously influencing women into wearing specific trends or customizing their wardrobes to be like her. She has such a positive aura that draws everyone’s attention to her.

     After modeling with Victoria's Secret, she opened up to Cosmopolitan about her struggles with “unlearning” toxic body image behavior. She said, “I am who I am. And I don’t need to change for anybody else.” A motto, we continuously encourage at Heart of Sun. 

     On August 21, 2019, a few months after launching “Le Sport” Sophia was driving to Heart of Sun’s studio when her phone was flooded with notifications - Bella had just posted on her Instagram feed in the “HALO | SLATE”. Seeing the post was a dream come true, Sophia didn't even know how to respond, she immediately pulled over & broke down in tears of happiness. 

     The Halo is a one-piece swimsuit made of luxe Italian ribbed lycra this high cut number is sure to flatter all women and bring a spotlight on their flawless curves. Inspired by the sporty 90s, this design is a wardrobe must-have that can be worn from sunrise to sundown. 

     Almost four months had passed when Bella posted on Instagram wearing the “COCO SUGAR | MILK”. Once again, Sophia was overwhelmed with excitement that her muse wore Heart of Sun once more. The Coco Sugar coverup mesh mini dress was designed based on the 90s-inspired slip dresses. 

     Bella once again successfully started another styling trend when she was spotted with our “COCO SUGAR | MILK” with white Levi jeans & blue limited edition Chrome Hearts sunglasses. A perfect look for holidaying beachside in ST Barths with her bestie Devon Lee Carlson. Since then, Bella has inspired hundreds of our #HOSbabes to also style the Coco Sugar with white denim. The versatility of this piece is unlimited.

     Both pieces are now Heart of Sun's best-selling items. Bella being in the spotlight of pop culture today, her post landed Heart of Sun a feature in big-name magazine articles such as Vogue & Harper's Bazaar.

     It seemed like the Hadid family loved Heart of Sun when Yolanda Hadid, Bella's mother, wore Heart of Sun's “MY DARLING | MILK” on the beach in the Hamptons with her favorite sweater. Her mother is a former model who started “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. She has plenty of fashion background of her own that she has been able to share with her beautiful children following in her footsteps.

     We love seeing the iconic mother-daughter duo in action when it comes to their style and fashion. Looking through their Instagram feeds it’s easy to see the similarities between the two, and that Yolanda inspires Bella to stay true to her roots. Because both women have been such successful models, we see lots of beautiful posts of them in the fashion industry.