Trendsetter & it girl Alix Earle has undoubtedly established a love story with Heart of Sun. She has taken our designs all around the world with her. From the Bahamas to Dubai and everything in between, her recent posts in Heart of Sun have us drooling for more.

Let's take a closer look at her stylish moment. Alix first stepped out in Heart of Sun while vacationing with her besties in the Bahamas on a luxurious yacht. While in our iconic handmade crochet bikini, the "SOL BIKINI | BEIGE CROCHET" features turkish yarn & 18k gold pendant details.

To complete the look, she paired it with the "CHICA SKIRT | BEIGE CROCHET"; the lightweight material is ideal for beach days and hot summer nights. To top off this iconic moment, Alix quoted everyone’s favorite Y2K reference, Paris Hilton, with the audio “sliving always, loves it.” With her effortless style and sunny attitude, she was ready to take on whatever life threw at her! 

Alix is a world traveler, always on the lookout for the next adventure and an opportunity to explore a new city. This time, she's headed off to Dubai, and as usual, Heart of Sun had to come with her. She was spotted in our lust-worthy vintage-inspired underwire bikini, the "DOLCE VITA | LAS FLORES." She layered her look with a micro mini skirt, the "BONITA | LAS FLORES."

What do Alix & Bella Hadid have in common? They love Heart of Sun's iconic "HALO | SLATE" one-piece swimsuit! Despite the 5-degree weather in Jackson Hole, Alix recently posted a picture of herself wearing this timeless swimsuit. It's easy to see why this swimsuit has been so popular—it screams '90s chic with its high-waisted design and ribbed fabric. This piece's design is what sets it apart from other swimsuits. The cut gives it a modern yet retro vibe, making it an instant classic.